GameFly Video Game Deals of the Week

Online retailer GameFly have released their video game deals of the week valid until March 30th.

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kma2k2519d ago

i got assassins creed brotherhood & batman arkhum aslum for $18.00 for both. Amazingly cheap!

KING852518d ago

What astonishes me is that someone is disagreeing with you because of your comment. What is there to disagree with? The state of some who frequent on this website is both saddening and concerning.

ReservoirDog3162518d ago

Don't take it so personally.

Honesty. It really is kinda meaningless.

Elwenil2518d ago

While I can't speak for this disagree, I would disagree with giving Gamefly any business whatsoever, regardless of price. Their incompetent mishandling of the Direct2Drive takeover is inexcusable. They will never receive a dime from me.