Greatest Nintendo Wii & DS Games For 2008

Jonathan Weinburg writes, "The new year is but a few days old so it's time to cast our eye over the games you'll be playing in 2008."

"We'll have full reviews when they're released but in the meantime, we start this week with 2007's hottest console and handheld - Nintendo's Wii and DS."

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Brian52474038d ago

This is the first picture on their page:


Brainiac 84038d ago

I agree with some of the list, but here is my issue:

WiiFit(Sorry MK) and Mario Kart are must haves to me.

But what about SSBB, which will be Nintendo's biggest game of the year next year, hands down, if not one of the best games of next year. They don't even mention it!

Plus, in my opinion, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will be awesome, but I think the 360 or PS3 versions will be the best versions to get. The unique physics engine that game is going to use will be best used on those two systems. I am interested on how they are going to use the Wii/lightsabre fighting though.

wiizy4038d ago

they left out some huge games. they need to be a little more informed

Brainiac 84038d ago

Games such as No More Heroes and Monster Hunter 3.

Both of these will hopefully be huge games in the US for the Wii. I get excited for any Suda51 project, and NMH seems like it'll be fantastic.