Nintendo working on new franchises for the Wii U

According to a new report, Nintendo is working on three new first party franchises for the Wii U.

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Titanz2524d ago

(Writing to all those who said Nintendo needs to create new IP's).

Shok2524d ago

Watch them come up with some other excuse now. There has to be SOME reason to not own a Nintendo console lol.

PopRocks3592524d ago

I've noticed that trend too... people have forgotten that Nintendo has the ability to surprise and please us.

LX-General-Kaos2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

It was announced awhile back that Nintendo would provide the Nintendo elites with spanking new Nintendo quality content. As if we all have expected anything less. This has been an ongoing tradition for as long as Nintendo has been around. To provide new experiences, and fresh ideas as much as humanly possible. This news is more like a common sense piece. We as a people pay Nintendo for all of their hard work and dedication to keep us entertained. Entertaining millions at a time with amazing AAA quality exclusives. They are living up to that promise as they always have.

Nintendo is one of the last standing few that consistently pump out new IPs and AAA experiences. Which usually go on to set new standards, and create new trends for other great devs to follow well into the future. Great innovation must be produced from somewhere. In most cases those very innovations come from the heart of Nintendo entertainment.

Hopefully we will see more on these future Nintendo fresh IPs come this E3 2012.

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Khordchange2524d ago

just read his comments in Reggie's voice, it all makes sense

synchroscheme2524d ago

His body is ready for Reggie's body.

Smashbro292524d ago

Oh shaddup.

Anyhow they better be real franchises. Like Kirby, Mario Zelda etc. Nothing like Wii Sports/Play/Music

yabhero2523d ago

Nintendo should hire you to write for Reggie...

Drainage2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

good news but it also means that at least 1-2 old franchises will not be making an appearance any time soon from Nintendo due to time constaints. Let's see....possibly F-Zero or Starfox if they arent already being developed since we havent seen much from these two.

Mario and Zelda are surely in, pikmin as well. Metroid most likely. Smash bros confirmed. Donkey kong and kirby will probably stay on the 3DS.

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