Interview: Super Fighter Team - Developing for SNES in 2012

When Nintendo Life published a news article about a new SNES title on the way in 2013, Nightmare Busters, it attracted a great deal of interest. While many of us spend the majority of our game-time on current-day consoles, there still seems to be an appetite for retro titles and platforms. Few companies represent that appetite quite like Super Fighter Team, and Nintendo Life chat to the company's President, Brandon Cobb, about retro game publishing and development.

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Tzuno2520d ago

damn i love snes games.

morkendo232520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

by now would LOOOOVVEEE any retro game than whats out now.
give me a reason to buy SNES again. CONTRA!!

Smashbro292520d ago

It's too bad the game is so expensive!