Ninja Gaiden 3 fulfilment for newcomers only

InEnt writes: The anticipation for Ninja Gaiden 3 had been growing for many months, and we’ve been watching the reactions of those considering a buy with interesting results that are mixed and also show a pattern seen with other franchises. It seems that Ninja Gaiden 3 newcomers will find more fulfillment when compared to loyal fans that have bought the previous games.

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danswayuk2522d ago

The reviews of Ninja Gaiden 3 tell it all.

Frankfurt2522d ago

Correction: Newcomers that have never played an action game in their lives.

The combat in this is barely above Enslaved's. The game auto-aims in the weakest enemies, so you'll be doing a combo in one dude, and Ryu will TURN AROUND BY ITSELF to hit a different character. There's also input lag, something only garbage like Heavenly Sword has. Also, there's no consideration of combat scenarios - unlike Ninja Gaiden Black, enemies aren't balanced to the space and each other. In fact, every encounter in the game is the same.

FunAndGun2522d ago

disagreed because I don't think Heavenly Sword is garbage.

HellzAssassin2522d ago

Completely agree...
The combat is so simplified, it's pathetic and quite pisses me off. I hope Hayashi realizes how much he's ****** up Ninja Gaiden and will go back to it's roots for NG4.

DevilishSix2522d ago

Forget that, I hope Hayashi straight up gets his *** fired.

HoneyBadger2522d ago

I had high hopes for the game

NYC_Gamer2522d ago

That's why i skipped over NG3

DA_SHREDDER2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

This gen's Ninja Gaiden's story doesn't match up to the NES version, the real newcomers are the ones that only started playing Ninja Gaiden on xbox. The only people that are let down are the people who didn't grow up on the NES versions.

Baka-akaB2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

The stapples of the originals were in the modern ninja gaiden , the cinematic cutscenes , the ninpos , the shuriken , and the massive difficulty and hardcore nature of the game .

A theme always present in the various ninja gaiden till now .
With it's massive abuse of qte and rather simplified gameplay , i doubt most old time NG players would be pleased . It might still be a good game , but it's hardly the same , and mostly appealling to newcomers like the title imply .

The story ? Who cares it was always crap , and the changes in NG3 dont even make it better , only more painful and longer to bear with

h311rais3r2522d ago

That literally doesn't make any sense. Being a fan of the original would make you disappointed with ng on Xbox. The originals were great but your statement makes no sense. The 3rd is a sequel for the reboot.

DevilishSix2522d ago

Well if the 3rd is a reboot, then they need a reboot of a reboot.

kza2522d ago

WHAT???,Sorry but you make no sence at all LOL