Dust 514 character creation and customisation guide: video interview

In case you missed it, Dust 514′s creative director Atli Mar revealed this week that it would take seven years to unlock everything in Dust 514. That’s all the guns, vehicles and dropsuits, and all their subsequent augs and mods. So it’s a big game then. Here’s Mar to explain a little bit more about how it all works. Here he talks about the customisation and characters options, passive and active skills and more. Oh God, the game’s huge.

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gtxgamer22524d ago

I cant take all these videos!! i just want his game more and more. I NEED a release date immediately.

Fylus2524d ago

God I know! I'm sure that I'm a minority but this is easily my most anticipated game this year.

shammgod2524d ago

I am going to unlock everything in this game. It will become my full time job!