Amazing Bane Renders from The Dark Knight Rises

Nixelpixel writes 'We found some terrifying renders of Bane which are based on The Dark Knight rises by Vijay Samar, and looking at these makes us believe that Bane might just have the tenacity to replace The Joker as one of our favorite villains of all times.The monochromatic color palette just adds the dash of fear that we were expecting from the trailers.'

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Niles2522d ago

Rather nifty and detailed..Now I just wish they were to make this into a game...

Nike2522d ago

The on with the vein looks awesome...I doubt they should do a DKR videogame...Arkham City will be too hard too beat...

281219862522d ago

I think they are gonna have social games on the iphone and android...doubt they are gonna make a full fledged message