Why PS3's power will shine in 2008: Leading devs reveal PS3's untapped potential

Fallout 3's Executive Producer Todd Howard - from Oblivion developer Bethesda - understands that PS3 "has more than enough power. No single game is using it all yet - not even close". Back at E3 in July '07, Mercenaries 2 Lead Designer Scott Warner claimed their game was only using 30% of PS3's power - while EA's Chief Visual Officer Glenn Entis claimed their launch games like Fight Night 3 only tapped 20%. The figures sound hokum, but it wasn't until five years into PS2's life cycle that games tapped even 90% of its power - a statistic measured by Sony's Performance Analyser tools, yet to be released on PS3.

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Maddens Raiders4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

but I've felt the same way since 11/17/2006. This machine is indomitable.

@below - nothing like devs giving the 'ol PS3 high praise that will bring out the "best" N4G has to offer on a (((PlayStation only))) thread; no less. lol

All kidding aside though, this is the best next-generation console on the market and everyone knows it. It's not my fault Kojima called the PS3 a movie theatre and the 360 a DVD.

BTW guys in relation to games, I've got plenty to keep my busy...sorry, try again. 8D

toughNAME4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

wasn't the PS3 supposed to shine 11/17/2006?

I mean we saw articles like this same time last year about shining in 07

How about you get back to work on those games Sony? *without delays please*

EDIT - so along with a PS3, you bought LAIR??
talk about buying into the hype...I don't know who Kojima is...but I'm guessing he wears the pants?

Achievement Unlocked4035d ago

games? please? no delays? really?

but on the real. bias aside. i know zero people who got a ps3 for chrimbo, but 4 of my best friends got 360's and a years xbl account for xmas.

i personally know one person who owns a ps3. out of the dozens that i associate with.

NEO_X4035d ago

Much props to you much props

gamesR4fun4035d ago

Gabe (lol couldnt help it)
yeh teh ps triple is where its at the only thing M$ can do know is jump the gun on their next platform. (wouldnt be surprised to see Bill make the announcement soon)

Lets face it ps3 owners already have the best games you can get and its only starting...
MSG4 FF13 are going to raise the bar again guarantied. And with devs like Insomniac saying there just getting warmed up well what can I say ps3 ftw...

nevelo074035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

love the collection man, i see you got some blu-rays in there, dont you hate when people try and say there is no differance in the video and sound quality from regular dvd, my buddy who is 360 fanboy tries to tell me there isn't a difference, its like night and day man with a nice tv and surround sound, what kind of tv you got, I GOTTA 56 INCH 1080P DLP SAMSUNG and everything looks excellent.

El_Colombiano4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

It's great to see people leaving the last gen scene, and to make it seem fair, I have three friends that bought a PS3 and two cousins who bought a PS3, but I don't know anybody who bought a 360...maybe it's a location thing...I'm down in Florida btw...

Achievement Unlocked4035d ago

yea your right. it could possibly be a location thing.

here in north carolina, i really barely ever see a ps3. back at school my roomate has a ps3. the other one has a 360.

but like i said i know no one who got a ps3 for xmas, while a lot got 360's.

TANOD4035d ago

LAIR is a next gen game.

LAIR has over 15000 enemies per screen . LAIR has the best graphics after Crysis and Uncharted

as for PS3's power show me anything on any other console that comes remotely close to UNCHARTED??

nothing comes close not even PS3's other games.

show me something that is as intensive as HS ---1000 enemies per screen

You can show me anything cuz there is none

MK_Red4035d ago

travelguy2k, Great catch :)
Good question. Indeed, why 2 Resistances?

Shankle4035d ago

And why two motorstorms as well?

IntelligentAj4035d ago


So how many people are in the country you live in? I'm guessing a couple of hundred million. So that means you know maybe what less than a hundredth of the population. Yeah nobody got a PS3 christmas**end sarcasm**

socsca4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Why two Resistance?
Why two Motorstorm?

both great games by any account, I own both, but I wouldn't buy them twice...

And why no games for your xbox? Did you mod it, install all your games on a 120 Gb HDD and then trade em in for 2 extra controls plus a steering wheel? I dunno, seemed like a good (though morally questionable) idea when I did it. I was a poor student at the time, so...

gta_cb4035d ago

JUST wondering so PLEASE correct me if im wrong but why does your picture of the PS3 and the Xbox 360 controller in the background have a date of 01/02/2004? is it something like the time on your camera re-set itself when running out of battery? lol im am pretty sure they was released at the end of 2005 (xbox 360) and end of 2006 (PS3-USA) :p

Maddens Raiders4035d ago


1.1 - Have you ever played LAIR? No? Ok. Why are you concerned w/ what ((I)) buy?

1.2 - For as many people as you say you don't know own a PS3 I have 5 accounts full with 250 friends (just since launch) that would disagree and I wonder how many of those people you do know also want a PS3 as well. (I'm going to have to buy another one. lol)

1.3 & 1.5 - Thanks guys. Thanks to God really. btw there are so many more not shown and on PSHDD. These pics are old already.

To everyone else thanks for the agrees and also the reason for two games on two PS3's is for a double barreled approach to serious WarHawking, Motorstorming, Resisting and soon...KILLZONING, and Gran Turismoing. Gotta get my Tekken skillz up before I.... lol

Polluted4035d ago

Dude! Was that "Charles Barkley's Shut Up and Jam" on the bottom? Lol. Can we be friends?

ALItheWISE4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Im a good friend of maddens so i will answer a question he overlooked. The reason he has two of alot of those games is because he has two ps3's so when we want to play motorstorm or warhawk (we are screen hawgs) we each have our own screens...


cartman3134035d ago

God, why do you Xbox fans come in here and use an old excuse that is no longer valid. "Games, ps3 has no games!" Seriously, how many Xbox360 games do you all own? I have 13 Ps3 games(Not including PSN games), and I enjoy them all.

JsonHenry4035d ago

Well, I'm waiting. Lets see it!!

Tryst4035d ago

toughName: are you plain stupid. Sony's studios have thus far delivered on time. Hell, Rachet and Clank and Uncharted were released a week early. Its the dumb devs used to program on the Xbox that have problems and delay.

Bubble Buddy4035d ago

nevelo 2004 ps3?

plus idunno if i should get nba 2k8. i have 2k7 for ps2, and the demo for sk8 made me want it badly, but it's 60 bucks, u think it's worth getting it?>


DELAYS - I dont worry about delays there are so many freakin games out there go pick up one until that one comes out .
NO GAMES - For me personally this is reatarded because I own ratchet , warhawk , heavenly sword , uncharted , nba 08 , mlb the show , eye , motorstorm , bowling , madden --- if this isnt enough games for my 30 yr old ass ...( you have to get laid once a day you know )

people that have a ps3 know what they have on hand so as long as im happy who gives a shil about you

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lynx1halo4035d ago

No single game is using it all yet - not even close”........................ .........enough said

MK_Red4035d ago

From Todd Howard, developer of highly anticipated Fallout 3 that more than a few PS3 fans disliked.
Hopefully we get to see those words in action as quality of their games.

Marceles4035d ago

PS3 fans don't like Fallout 3?? Where's a loaf of bread so I can hit them over the head with it.

My honest opinion is that from what I've seen of each system's strenghts, the PS3's games have a certain look to them that doesn't look like other games. Ratchet doesn't look like another game, Heavenly Sword...they all give PS3 personality. When I see Wii games, those have personality as well. Xbox fans don't take this the wrong way, but Xbox games look like PC games. I'm not saying they don't look great at all, I'm just saying that the games don't look like anything we couldn't see on a PC. I wouldn't expect Heavenly Sword or a Mario Galaxy type game to be ported to PC since they have their own personality...alot of 360 exclusive games on the other hand look like PC games. I hope someone is following me out there...PS3 and Wii has it's own look that define their games, Xbox games looks like they all can be PC ports...I'm not saying that the Xbox is limited, and I'm not saying that a first party PS3 game can be ported to a PC and handle it...but PS3's games are looking really good and original at the moment

nice_cuppa4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

so by his own logic this applies to 360 and wii too.

fanboys + logic = limp.

i see disagree's.

anyone care to man up and explain ?

Achievement Unlocked4035d ago

if such a thing were to happen it may tear existence into shreds.

travelguy2k4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

same logic applies to the 360 as its achitecture is based on the PC so there was no learning curve. They make games for both systems the same way.

Edit: Thats why all developers say the 360 is so easy to develop for, because its the same as they have been doing for years.

And the same goes to developers that say the PS3 hardware is difficult. because its new and different. What worked before does not work for the PS3.

bizi64984035d ago

you might want to call tech support.

Lord_Mike4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

360 and Wii is so easy to develop for, devs max its capabilities in it's first year. Hence no game on 360 looks better than Gears as of now. Your logic is retarded.

Buy a PS3, you will feel better.

hardcorehippiez4035d ago

xbox 360 will be dropped and the whole process will start again with the 720 ? so all xbox owners will be forced to upgrade again and i know i for 1 dont want to have to update my gaming console as often as my pc . thats why i play games on a console , because it has a good long life for games .

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Shankle4035d ago

Really not news, just the same thing being said again. I wanna see a developer come and prove what's possible on it. Until then I'll enjoy what I have.

mesh14035d ago

YEAH PS3 NEEDS TAP INTO its own bum hole and the result will be a pile of poo as always ,also i here ppl say uncharted hahahahahahaha their are multi platform games that put uncharted to shame 1 is assassins creed gears of wars looks better than ut3 that already fact and plz put a screen shot of drake and a character from gears of war and lets see what looks better the ps3 fans boys are scared to show comparison clips as they know it wud bust their uncharted looks amazing lies hahah trolls

harv0524035d ago

Please use punctuation, it's very annoying...

socsca4035d ago

Achievement Unlocked - Fanboy frenzy!!! 0 points.

(I'm gonna start spamming this comment, get used to it)

ThaGeNeCySt4035d ago

is that chuck norris?


MK_Red4035d ago

OMG, how come I hadn't noticed that? Even more reason to love Fallout 3.
Nice one :)

Bonsai12144035d ago

hahahaha. that is chuck norris. i'm actually very eagerly waiting for this game. open world ftw.

anyways, its good to see devs are saying they can get a lot more out of it, now that they're understanding the system architecture. when you compare a game like god of war 2 to say, starwars starfighter (my first ps2 game.. haha), i can't believe its running on the same hardware. can you imagine saying that about uncharted and some x game out 4 or 5 years from now? mindblowing!!