Geekscape Games Reviews Sumioni: Demon Arts

Andy writes - "When Okami came out for the Nintendo Wii, I immediately went out to find a copy to play. Between the art style and the story, I couldn’t put the game disc in the Wii fast enough. 30 minutes later, I was cursing how bad the motion controls were. Now, Sumioni: Demon Arts for the PS Vita gives me that same feeling with its implementation of the controls. What you think is going to be a side-scrolling action platformer ends up being a “how fast can you use the touch screens on the Vita while dodging every second” experience."

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knifefight2524d ago

"Stages are also setup in a way that if you don’t score a perfect 3 out of 3 stars on a certain stage, you will not advance to the lower stages on the map. This is not laid out clearly enough and as ashamed as I am about it, I had to look this information up."

Why they didn't just say "You need to 3-star all of the levels" is beyond me.

I agree with the review, this game sucks.