Two-Man Team Recreates StarCraft on the Nintendo DS

Two French dudes with a love for Blizzard's classic RTS StarCraft have decided to recreate the game on the Nintendo DS, naming it StarLite. You can download a free copy of the game, which can be run on a DS emulator, by visiting the site.

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Darkiewonder4566d ago

I love Starcraft for the pc. as a matter of fact, I have it installed!

Twizlex4566d ago

So, if it's a DS game, does it actually run on a DS? How would you download it to a DS, or is it just, like, a preview build? I read that they are looking for programmers to help finish the game, so maybe the download is just to help with the development. I'm confused...

Tarmgar4566d ago

Starcraft with a touchscreen is a good idea. If I had a DS, I would try it out.

Marceles4566d ago

Damn I never thought of that...not a bad idea at all

desolationstorm4566d ago

Tottally putting it on my ds when I get home.

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