Call of Duty Is Down

If you were planning to spend your Friday evening collecting double points and picking fights with prepubescent gamers on Modern Warfare 3, you might be out of luck. Something has apparently gone awry over at Activision's secret mountaintop lair, because players have been experiencing connection issues for the last couple of hours.

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FlashXIII2519d ago ShowReplies(2)
CanadianTurtle2519d ago

Call of Duty servers going down is pretty big news since its practically the highest selling game in history. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

But you know what would be great? It would be amazing if Anonymous hacked the Actiision servers and told them that they will not free them unless Activision upgrades their engine for CoD. Ahhh...that would be delicious.

T9002519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Activision would just direct them to MS and Sony for not releasing new hardware.

COD formula relies on smooth 60fps gameplay. Consoles currently dont have another First person shooter that runs at 60fps. The only reason COD manages it is because it looks crap. Now before the console fanboys start throwing names of games that run at 60fps, most of those games look crap if they are managing 60fps on the current consoles or they might be having too many static environments. Hence the keyword here is First person shooter since shooters by nature have the most happening in the environment.

Hence you want a new engine pick it up with the companies holding the industry back. They wont develop a new engine just for 1 capable platform(PC).

Soldierone2519d ago

"Those games look like crap" Well Call of Duty isn't exactly top the of the line either lol...heck when a lot happens, especially with MW2, the framerate drops just like every other game. "Static environments" have you not played a Call of Duty game lol....

I've always said this, them "bragging" about 60FPS is not saying much since the game isn't pushing boundaries in any other area. No physics, animations, or anything. Yeah they have the gun gameplay down, but what else?

I'm not hating on COD at all, I admit I play it (well not MW3) so I enjoy it (Again except MW3). However people bragging about the framerate gets annoying.

Gaming1012518d ago

Call of Duty is down? I guess all those no-life nerds who play it will have to get a life now.... lol bahahaha yeah right, like that'll happen.

Tai_Kaliso2519d ago

I like innovation with games, but COD can be fun and I cannot believe you actually wished something to be hacked.

Seriously, we have enough issues as gamers already, we definitely don't need any more hacks for any reason.

antz11042515d ago

Its nice to go back to once and a while in between Twisted Metal and ME3.

FlashXIII2519d ago

That would be hilarious but the effects would be catastrophic. The one and only great thing about call of duty is that it takes the large majority of the bad/annoying/selfish fps players and sticks them in a single game allowing those of us who play real fps games to do so in the comfort of knowing there is a lot less likely chance of running into asshats.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2519d ago

Ahhh yes. "Real FPS games"

This whole time I thought playing COD, I was playing a real game.

I'm guessing one of those real games is BF3. With the REAL long patch coming out to fix the broken from release game.

Oh well.

Akiba962519d ago

Oh.. you mean the game that actually likes to innovate and does not dish out the same bullshit year after year? Oh yes... THAT GAME. I quit giving my money away for cod games and am never looking back. Ever.

r2kcipher2519d ago

bigger game, bigger patch. caspian border can eat all of mw3s maps.

h311rais3r2519d ago

Didn't you buy mw3 in 2007?

FlareDReborn2519d ago

I kinda hope CoD servers stay down for a few weeks. Hell a few months. NOW THAT would be so delicious.

Prcko2519d ago

so what?
i don't have it,so i don't care

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