Thinking Outside the Normandy: Mass Effect's Most Memorable NPCs

Matt Randisi writes, "Shepard’s squad of soldiers, biotics, and engineers throughout all three games is not the only source of notable contributors however; in fact very few of them can outshine the light of prominence many of Mass Effect’s NPCs bask in. Without these heroes and villains, BioWare simply could not have delivered the same kind of experience. That folks would just be very, very sad. So let’s give it up for those who cradled gamers in their arms and whispered ever so softly (or shouted really loudly in some cases) “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you. Now enjoy the ride of your life.”

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AmayaAi2523d ago

This article doesn't tell anything a Mass Effect fan should know, but as long as it's on ME.....approved.

AngryOcelots2523d ago

I thought it was a fun little list. Some under appreciated characters mentioned. Especially Aria and Conrad.