Just Cause 2 Heads to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Avalanche Studios has revealed that the sequel to its third-person open island title Just Cause (PC, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360) will be arriving on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Confirmation of the PlayStation 3 version comes from CVG's coverage of magazine PSW's preview, while the Xbox 360 version was previewed in France's Official Xbox Magazine.

A PC version has not been officially announced.

[ Shacknews, by Chris Faylor, Jan 03, 2008 ]

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toughNAME4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Just Cause was the first game I got 1000/1000 achievement points on :D

(I probably wouldn't have played the game much without them, and no multi/online/splitscreen had something to do with me only renting)

any word on a release date yet???

pwnsause4033d ago

I do, it think the first game was pretty cool. THey just have to make it more interesting

solidt124033d ago

Sweet! I heard the first one had a interesting story.

Dr Pepper4033d ago

The first one was a bit repetitive and most of the (enormous) jungle was empty with nothing interesting in most parts. The large cities served no real purpose either except to just look big and grand. They need to add more variety in side quests, cars (it seemed as if there were only four different types throughout the entire map, except the special ones you unlocked), weapons, etc. That is my opinion anyway.

But overall, if they can fix some issues, I'll look into the second one as the first did have many cool aspects.

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