PS3 Install Size and Patch Size For The Silent Hill HD Collection

For anyone who was thinking about picking up the Silent Hill HD Collection on PS3 this weekend, here is the install size the actual game will take up and the size of the very hefty first patch you'll see when you boot the game up.

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Mr Tretton2519d ago

The patch didn't even help for me and many others.

My favorite game receives the worst remaster.

It just doesn't end with Konami crapping on this franchise.

CarlitoBrigante2519d ago

I agree, this is the worst HD remaster along with Resident Evil 4.

Why would they change the original voice actors and remove the fog and the Pyrmaid head scene?

Konami you're so stupid

Ryo-Hazuki2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

They need to patch in the extra fog from the original games. The game was made with the extra fog in mind originally due to last-gen limitations. I don't understand why they would remove alot of it and now you can see the edges of the game world in some scenes on sh2

CarlitoBrigante2519d ago

I agree with you but, when will Sega let you avenge your father?

2519d ago
GrieverSoul2519d ago

You know how you can tell how a company f##$%&/ up a great single player game?!

What the hell Konami? A patch for an offline game?! What the....
I guess online game have patches due to networking issues and all but a remaster of an already made game?! A +200mb patch?!?!?! And why a 4gb install?!?! MY GOD! My heads gonna blow out of disappointment...

J86blum2518d ago

I was waiting for this title to his the PSN since I don't care to much for three, but after reading reviews, and reading remarks from people maybe I'll pass on this water down HD title.