OPM: Jade Raymond haters characterize stereotypes of lonely fanboys

Maxconsole writes:

"The latest edition of the Official Playstation Magazine profiles the internet hate that developed against Jade Raymond of Ubisoft. They say that underlying the whole issue is the more serious problem of anti-feminism in the games industry. They call the treatment of Raymond sexual harassment on a large scale and that the gaming community is just confirming the stereotypes of lonely fanboys."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4035d ago ShowReplies(18)
MK_Red4035d ago

Awesome find and read. Sad truth.

predator4035d ago

sad but true, look at the first post, proves it all

Brainiac 84035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Bubbles just proved the article's point, as did those that agreed with him.

WilliamRLBaker4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

how does that prove it? what he said is in fact true....give me more then 5 women in the gaming industry that say so because they are true gamers instead of wanting attention.

Simply put jade raymond was not put forth because shes either good..ect (and she is) she was put forth as a marketing tool as a hot girl whom was in the game industry and that was IT. the shameless fun people make of her is bad, but it does not change the fact that she was a marketing tool plain and simple.

Most gamer girls that are popular aren't real gamer girls in the end they are they're for attention or the money.

heyheyhey4035d ago

i bet zhuk was one of the ones who said "i want her titties on me she cant develop"

Mr_Showtime14035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Shes not really a marketing tool, shes just like other developers/producers, Cliffy B, Kojima, Mark Rien etc all are out their promoting thier games and doing interviews.
Its just he fact she happens to be a good looking woman in thier place that has drawn attention to her and its exactly what the article says "lonely fanboys" who seem to feel some reason to spread hatred across the internet like they do for for consoles they dont like.

Brainiac 84035d ago

She is not the first game designer to whore themselves out for their creation.

Miyamoto, Kojima, Jaffe, etc etc....all of them promote their games out on the forefront. It's because this designer happens to be a woman that people are saying she is using her looks to get ahead, when she hasn't done anything different than any designer out their promoting their baby projects.

Some of you need to grow up.

Malkier4035d ago

Exactly, if she wasn't good looking or was a bloke no one would of thought twice about it. But because she is an attractive female, then she must be using that to her advantage... Very sexist way of thinking.

WilliamRLBaker4035d ago

you can name me atleast 4 other developers that have been in more magazine covers, articles, shows...ect for one single game?

Kojima and the rest have never been on more covers, in more articles, and in more shows then jade raymond just to promote or talk about ONE game..
This equals=marketing tool and promotion.

Is she not good? of course not shes smart and hot and she is a great developer but that does not change the fact.

niall774035d ago

...fanboys hate women???

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