Microsoft cagey over Live downtime; Statement expected soon

Eurogamer is reporting that Microsoft has said an official word on the matter is on its way, and may arrive as soon as today. (January 3rd, 2008)

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lynx1halo4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

"We have billions and billions of dollars, so that means we could really care less about explaining anything to our customers, we reserve the right to deny any faults with both our consoles and systems, have a NICE day...and dont forget to JUMP IN"

BigKev454036d ago

Xbox Live free forever!

christopher64534036d ago

Hey BigKev, no offense, but people like you and your declaration for "Free XBOX LIVE" just sickens me. If you can't afford $50/yr then why do you own an XBox? I would pay for my PS3 service if they asked me to.

What's next, millions of those World of Warcraft players proclaiming "We need free WoW!!!"


gta_cb4036d ago

exactly, as i know some people that play WoW its something like £8.99 and to those who are thinking yes i mean UK pounds, im not sure how much it is in the US or anywhere else so sorry.

mintaro4036d ago

it was proabably because, at this time of year there are so many people playing at once, proabably too many, and that's why there were so many problems with live.

i heard the same thing happened when halo 3 was released

FunnyBone4036d ago

We could wait for offical word...Why are we so quick to post this crap..It's not NEWS ..I guess it could fall under "Update" News coming soon on Live downtime...
Instead we have a news article that does NOTHING for the customers that were having problems and I am SURE once MS does release a statement N4G will have it posted....

This seems more to me like someone trying to get points or whatever crap contributers get for posting these articles....


llamaman134036d ago

why dont they give something to the silver memeber too. i couldn't sigh in at all and i am a silver member. why is it only gold who get something for the service bieng down?

Jo0j4036d ago

Why do some people believe they should get something for nothing?

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