What's in a Name?

RPGSite continues its series of interviews with the public regarding the Nintendo Wii, this time tackling perhaps the most controversial side of the console: The Name. What do the public think?

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Logan5851d ago (Edited 5851d ago )

I refuse to call nintendo, Wii, instead I call it the Revolution, ether way though all the other console names are stupid, but its the gameplay that counts.

FeralPhoenix5851d ago (Edited 5851d ago )

My personal oppinion is the same as it was the day they announced it...."Wii" sucks, its a terrible name for a console because the name only begs for bad jokes, also it plays into the already kiddy image of Nintendo....if they were truly looking to cater to a wider audience of non-gamers then they should have kept the "Revolution" name or something along those lines. I'm sure Nintendo will still do fine, but honestly when ever I tell most non-gamers what the name of Nintendo's next new console is, they laugh or giggle like a lil kid or say something like "thats funny" and some don't believe me altogether. Trust me the name only furthers their reputation as the kiddy console....if thats their intent, then they have definitely succeeded BIG time.

WarEagle135850d ago

A year ago on launch day it was exciting having people come over and play with my 360, and this years nintendo launch will be just as exciting. "Do you wanna come over and play with my wii?" wii-wii and fart jokes never get old so im all for it. I cant wait to tell someone that the reason they suck on wii is because they dont know how to handle the nunchuk.

wulfgar885850d ago

hahahah good call...totally agree. while the name isnt the greatest i dont really care cause im sure i'll have a blast with my Wii

Darth Gamer5850d ago

I could care less. I'm not crazy about it but I realy could care less. I will purchase one the same time that I purchased a Gamecube, When Resident Evil arrives on it.

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