CS: Global Offensive gets a massive Beta Update; new map, weapons and player movement adjusted

DSOGaming writes: "Valve has released a new, massive beta update for their upcoming competitive FPS game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This update adds a new map, some weapons, adjusts the player movement in response to pro player feedback, tweaks almost every existing map, fixes various crashes, as well as achievements not being displayed properly when earned."

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olorin8182523d ago

Who approved that :/...This is like OLD NEWS...

john22523d ago

You're not obviously in the beta because CS: GO updated today and Steam posted the release notes a couple of hours ago

olorin8182523d ago

Actually I am in BETA, except this sounds awful lot like news from the update which came out on 16th.

john22523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

nope, check in your Steam client the release notes of the game. They are there ;)

Here are the old release notes btw for the March 16th Update:

olorin8182523d ago

Actually John, I am a total dumbass, you're right.
I just looked it up on steam news, and you're right. time of update today 5.42. I didn't show up on CS:GO update news yet, rather than general news list, hence my confusion.
My apologies.

whothedog2523d ago

How do you guys like CS:GO so far? Is it good? Does it need lots of tuning? I was hoping I could get into the beta but that didn't happen :(

olorin8182523d ago

It's decent, some much needed improvements added, but to me personally it lost the CSS ish feeling :(...
Then again it might be nothing but moaning of guy who is use to one thing and cannot move on...(like when CS complained over CSS)...but it has this CoD feeling to it :/...