DUST "Seeding The Universe" Panel Information (EVE Fanfest 2012)

Here is what we found out from "Seeding the Universe" panel that just got streamed but happened straight after Roles panel today! Also, don't forget to watch "CCP Presents" tomorrow on EVETV! Check the schedule right here for all the details.

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Virtual_Reality2522d ago

There are various weather environments: grassy, snowy etc. as well as actual weather: night, day, electrical storms, rain, etc.


telekineticmantis2522d ago

Plasma planets, Lava planets, gravity affects. I just want them to make sure this game feels like a universe and not just a bunch of matches with walking around and stuff in between. That and some more awesome gameplay elements and story elements and this game would be exceptional.

Virtual_Reality2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

That is what EVE philosophy is about.

CCP already said there is a filter for the star system, you can look for an specific match.