Minecraft racks up $80 million in sales, rivals Angry Birds

Minecraft has always been acknowledged as a hit, even earning Mojang co-founder Markus 'Notch' Persson a nod at this year's GDC Awards, but now it's been revealed just how hugely successful Mojang actually is. According to financial filings in Sweden, total sales for Mojang since Minecraft's release in October 2010 have tallied $80 million for the company; Minecraft has seen over 5 million paid downloads by customers.

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donniebaseball2524d ago

wow, considering that Minecraft has zero marketing while Angry Birds has been whored out everywhere, that's stunning

Grap2524d ago

+ Minecraft the easiest game can be cracked even a 10 years old can play that game for free!

Dovahkiin2524d ago

And this is relevant to the sales figures how?

wallis2524d ago

Jesus H Christ on a bicycle that's astounding. No wonder Notch always seems so happy in interviews - I'd be that jolly too if I had enough money to make a thirty foot slip and slide out of super models and baby oil.

Grap2524d ago

i would invest that money in my studio anyway that's me.

wallis2524d ago

First, slip and slide. Then investment in your studio.

MySwordIsHeavenly2524d ago

Awesome! I have kids coming in my store all the time, asking if we have copies of Minecraft. Lol. If Notch decided to put it out on disc, I think it would sell even better. :)

Also...why no PS3 version? Seriously. You are SITTING ON MONEY, Notch!

Jio2524d ago

When Notch was asked if there would be a PS3 version, he never denied it. He only said "I'm not allowed to talk about that" and drew a sheep.

MySwordIsHeavenly2524d ago

That's beautiful. Thank you! I would love to see it in 3D, also. The 3D on the PC version is surprisingly good for red/blue glasses technology. Lol.

Darkspade2524d ago

Just wait til Minecraft hits Xbox Live....Those numbers will go Though the roof