IGN: Mass Effect 3 Second Opinions

In Colin Moriarty's review of Mass Effect 3, IGN rated the trilogy's epic denouement "amazing" with a score of 9.5. He praised its "deeply woven story" and called it a game of "exceptional poise and skill". Now, other editors have played the game at length. Here's what they have to say.

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RedDead2524d ago

Pfff. So what about Colin and his insults to anyone who did not like the ending?

fallacious2524d ago

It's such a shame that people overlook the earlier parts of the game just because of the ending. Sure the ending wasn't that good but the journey from the beginning of the game to the ending was beyond great.

NewMonday2524d ago

so having a nice trip that ends in a crash is great?

endings can make or break a game/movie/book

Smkt2524d ago

especially when it's the ending to a trilogy.

TekoIie2524d ago

Bear in mind when Bioware said "this WILL be a trilogy" they weren't owned by EA for all we know this isn't the end of shepards story.

young7yang2524d ago

Not even one of them commented on the less the perfect PS3 version of the game which is supper laggy and filled with major frame rate, freezing, buggy and other like game breaking issues..

IGN has permanently lost my respect.

wallis2524d ago

"None of the final moments feel like they have any weight to them. They simply feel incorrect,"

I'm glad one of them in the office is screaming the truth. There's one best way to describe the endings and it rhymes with "rock up".

Grimhammer002524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

I know it's an rpg and I get that - but right from the beginning it's horrible pacing! I watched those reapers landing and figured earth was vapourized in days. But it felt like I was weeks trying to pull those retards to back humanity.

Honestly a far better, believable plot would've had a huge earth armada trying to stop the reapers. That would be acceptable in terms of pacing.

And - I'd have written it where all the other races were too caught up in their own ass saving. And leave the "win" to be carried out by Sheppard in some super last ditch effort.

The story was ok, the ending blew. And best thing about mass effect 3 is mp! So fun!

I never felt like losing earth was a big deal. Aren't humanity strewn across settlements all over the universe? Maybe it'd have actually been a better plot device destroying earth?! Then do what humanity does best - get revenge!

TekoIie2524d ago

Do you remember ME1? Vigil told us the reapers would spend decades cleansing the galaxy before leaving. The bstarians were the first hit (I think) and they would gladly take their time to get it all right and I'm pretty sure they're spend a few years per planet.

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