Eight terrible assumptions people who love videogames make

OXM: "Fox News doesn't have a monopoly on getting things wrong"

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Emilio_Estevez2520d ago

Nice article and random video at the end.

rdgneoz32520d ago

"4. That DLC should have been ours for free"

So day one DLC that's on the disc (or put on the store weeks in advance of the game) should not be free? I can see DLC coming out after the fact, but when devs say that DLC released after the game comes out doesn't sell, its bull. Just look at Undead Nightmare or the GTA 4 DLC, they all sold pretty well and came out a while after, though not saying it needs to take that long.

Telling devs its OK to cut up their game and lock away content on the disc (cough Capcom - Street Fighter x Tekken cough) to sell day one just screws the customer/gamer over.

dirigiblebill2520d ago

Thing is, you don't legally "own" anything on that disc. You're just paying for access to it, as per the terms of the publisher's licensing agreement. It sucks but there it is.

BDSE2520d ago

That may be the legal position but if thats the case the law's an ass.

DragonKnight2520d ago

You own the disc and the right to access EVERYTHING ON THE DISC whether or not you own the actual IP. So putting content on the disc and denying you access to it after you bought the rights to access all the content on it is illegal. It's like a car manufacturer making you pay to access the breaks.

omi25p2520d ago


Day 1 DLC is like buying a house and having to pay extra to access the bathroom.

Decent DLC, such as the ones Rockstar Release (I.E TBOGT) are more like your building an extension onto your house.

I don't understand how anyone could think Day 1 DLC is exceptable.

dirigiblebill2519d ago


You only have the right to access EVERYTHING ON THE DISC if the license agreement stipulates as such. I've yet to come across one that does. Here's a Rockstar EULA, for instance - I've chopped out a couple of key quotes:

"Software download, redemption of a unique serial code, registration of the Software, membership in a third-party services and/or membership in a Licensor service (including acceptance of related terms and policies), may be required to access digital copies of the Software or certain un-lockable , downloadable, online or other special content, services, and/or functions (collectively, the “Special Features”

"The Software may include measures to control access to the Software, control access to certain features or content, prevent unauthorized copies, or otherwise attempt to prevent anyone from exceeding the limited rights and licenses granted under this Agreement."

Like I say: it sucks but there it is. Flawed analogies help nobody.

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Bimkoblerutso2520d ago

Yes...there is a very, VERY big difference between DLC that is taken from the finished product and monetized, and real DLC that is released to compliment the finished product.

palaeomerus2520d ago

This article is a bunch of naive corporate coddling crap.

mamotte2519d ago

That every gamer is the same as them: And by "them" I mean "hardcore", and so, kiddy games should not exist, just hardcore and mature.

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