Macross Do You Remember Love Hybrid Pack – more screenshots and packshots

A few more screenshots and packshots have been revealed for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive movie/game bundle, Macross Do You Remember Love Hybrid Pack.

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Summons752493d ago

hopefully this will come to the states, Robotech was my childhoodI can't count the number of times I've watched that entire series

Canary2493d ago

...It will not. For a myriad of reasons someone else can explain.

And, personally, this game is a giant "F*** You" from the developers. This is three times, three times they're giving us paltry "demo-sized" offerings instead of, you know, an ACTUAL game. Hell, they could probably combine this with Trial and Last and have nearly as much--or more--content than their first PSP game.

info2493d ago

anybody knows where to import/pre order?

Xof2493d ago

I don't think they've got it up yet, but when it comes to importing games, I find AmiAmi is usually the most fair with pricing. A lot of the other import sites like to overcharge. Play-Asia is notorious for this.

So, yeah, Ami-Ami. I kind of doubt they have a pre-order page up yet now (still waiting for them to put up a page for that Gundam Vita game).