Is Xbox the new center of the Microsoft universe?

Zdnet reports: When test expert James Whittaker quit Google to rejoin Microsoft earlier this year, his blog post on why he left Google was the talk of TechMmeme. His follow-up post on why he decided to go back to Microsoft has created far less buzz, but has some points worth pondering.

All that said, it was Whittaker’s observations on how Microsoft has changed since he last worked there that caught my eye:

“When I joined in 2006 the company was centered around Windows and Office. Today there is a new main street in Redmond and it houses the studios, not offices but studios, of the Xbox team.”

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DiRtY2401d ago

Oh dear,

we are coming from "videogames wil die because of tablets!!!!111" to "Xbox will be the center of whole Microsoft!!!!111"

You can't give a damn about random predictions anyway.

IRetrouk2401d ago

I agree, although saying that, they are making some big money off the Xbox and live brand, they would be silly not to focus more on it.

gamingdroid2401d ago

I think the console game industry is too large to be taken over by tablets let alone the fact that consoles offer an experience tablets can't match. The controls and the sheer size of the a big screen TV isn't something a tablet can match.

However, tablets/smart phones are most definitely eating into the handheld market. People that used to play handhelds for short period of times, maybe 20-30 mins at a time is now occupied by browsing the web, texting and trying out the latest app on their smart phone. They aren't interested in paying hundreds of dollars for another device, when the current smart phone is sufficient.

DeadlyFire2401d ago

Wait someone thinks it is not the center of Microsoft's focus? Since when have they made a PC game in the past 10 years.

sly-Famous2401d ago

I think the Kinect is closer to that center than the xbox is, I know the two go hand in hand but it still seems like xbox is the black sheep at the moment especially when it comes to core games.

NukaCola2401d ago

Kinect is the Center of Xbox

Windows 8 is the Center of MS

You can see that what the Xbox is turning into isnt a gaming system anymore, but a Windows Media Center hub. I really don't see MS putting much 'gaming' into their future console as much as they will put apps, tv and other nongaming related forms of media.

gamingdroid2401d ago

I don't see how Xbox is the black sheep of core games, when one of the biggest games this year is an Xbox 360 exclusive, Halo 4.

If it is the black sheep, the game and console sales aren't matching it....

tiffac0082401d ago

I don't think the Xbox is the black sheep of the console market anymore, they've almost become the darling of the industry. So more than likely they are the favorites in the next race.

susanto12282401d ago

Lets face it...
Most Nintendo and Sony Fanboys thought
Microsoft had no chance of making Xbox
a success...I wouldn't say that Xbox is
the cornerstone of Microsoft but thank GOD
for Xbox during Vista that probably saved
them and it was good timing. Without
Xbox, Vista would of crippled Microsoft.

Regent_of_the_Mask2401d ago

I still don't see the Xbox as a success. You can sell something to people that sucks and a lot of people will still buy it based on advertising. As far as games go, Xbox has never interested me with anything in its lineup and I doubt it ever will since I can play multiplats on PS3 anyways and PS3 just has more games as well as better original IPs.

gypsygib2401d ago

MS needs to get their OS into smartphones and tablets or they will be in some serious trouble.