Push-Start: Review: Kid Icarus – Uprising (3DS)

Pit is a fun and happy Nintendo character. You will realize this as you play through this game. The story and characters will immediately captivate you and pull you in to the shoes of our fellow angel. Kid Icarus first came out on the NES and it got re-released on the 3DS for the 3D Classics! After the release of the Game Boy game for the franchise, it laid dormant. Nothing was heard about this gaming franchise for god knows how long. That all changed with Super Smash Bros Brawl. Pit became an exclusive character on the game, which helped put Kid Icarus back onto the market. It was then shortly after that they announced this game, Kid Icarus: Uprising; and here we have it…!

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TheDivine3034d ago

This game is the sh**. If you have a 3ds you have to get this asap. Its def up there with mk7 and re revelations as one of the best 3ds games available.