5 Best Sony PS3 exclusive games ever

T3: With the PS3 turning five today, we've rounded up the best Sony PS3 games ever, according to our team of game-worshipping critics

Sony's exclusive games titles over the last five years have been a little hit and miss. For every spell-binding adventure-romp like Uncharted 3, we've had to sit through an overhyped snorefest like Haze. To help you avoid this minefield of quality, and in the spirit of Sony's birthday celebrations, we've put together the five best Sony PS3 exclusives for your viewing pleasure

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ziggurcat2403d ago

tactical RPGs don't count as games, sorry.

Perjoss2402d ago

why can I only press Disagree once?

CarlitoBrigante2402d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is one of the best games ever made, please bring VC2&3 in HD for PS3!

Der_Kommandant2402d ago

i made another account just to disagree 2 times

MysticStrummer2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Surely you jest. O.o

Ignorance and/or Trolling aside, this is a decent list but I'd have Demon's Souls, MAG, and Warhawk in my top 5. I guess Infamous, God of War 3, and Little Big Planet would get bumped down on my list, though they are all definitely great games. Some PSN titles, Journey for example, could easily make a person's top 5.

Gaming1012402d ago

Infamous 1? Seriously? Infamous 2 was way better, and Killzone 3 was better than Infamous 1 and 2, really. Gran Turismo 5 seems to be forever overlooked because of all the niggling gripes over it.

MaxXAttaxX2402d ago

I think having only a top 5 list is too limiting.

ThanatosDMC2402d ago

It'd be funnier if he did say COD should be on the list... hahaha

Razmossis2402d ago

Obvious list is obvious

Relientk772402d ago

Lmao @ Perjoss, and Der_Kommandant

good stuff guys lol

Kurt Russell2402d ago

I just assumed ziggurcat was just kidding... then I see all these comments of people jumping down his throat, people take this all waaaay too seriously :/

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PirateThom2403d ago

A lot of games that could probably go on there on general principle.

Valkyria Chronicles, Demon's Souls, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Resistance 3, Warhawk and so on and so forth, before you even get to PSN titles.

GamingManiac2402d ago

You actually preferred R3 to 1&2??

cpayne932402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

@GamingManiac I did, or at least I preferred 3 to 2. Single playerwise that is. Multiplayer was a cod rip off, but I really loved the single player, maybe even more than R1.

PirateThom2402d ago

Yeah, the Resistance 3 campaign was really good and reminded me, quite a bit, of Half-Life 2. I still think R1's multiplayer was far better though.

Anon19742402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

I can't argue with this list, but if they did a top ten, Demon's Souls would need to be in there somewhere. One of my top games this gen, regardless of platform.

Surprised not to see Killzone 2 on this list. One of the best shooters of all time, hands down.

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WildArmed2403d ago

Agreed. VC should be on that list.
Simply amazing game, I'm on ch17 atm. Going to wrap it up this week! :)

gamingdroid2403d ago

Great list by the site, but man do they have to have one page for each title? ... also what is up with the stupid pop ups!


RedDead2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Can someone list them for me? I can't be bothered to click through the pages and load etc

What is this? Gamingbolt?

cpayne932403d ago

MGS4, Infamous, gow3, littlebigplanet, Uncharted 2.

pain777pas2402d ago

I have all 5 of those games and all 5 are worthy it is hard to argue any of those choices really. VC yes deserves honorable mention.

2402d ago
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iNMyFiN4LH0uR2403d ago

logical and safe list. would sub in Demon Souls instead of Infamous.

ziggurcat2403d ago

agreed. demons souls should be there.

brish2403d ago

Demon Souls should be on the list but infamous should as well. Both games are amazing.

humbleopinion2402d ago

And just to save people the bother of clicking through 5 pages:
1. MGS 4
2. Infamous
3. GOW 3
4. LittleBigPlanet
5. Uncharted 2

The lists on that site are bland and sometimes just plain weird - as if they're just going for hits. I just saw another featured list there with "10 original Xbox games we would love to see remade".

The real kicker? This lists includes HL2 which is available in HD on both the PC and current gen platforms as part of the Orange Box, Ninja Gaiden which was remade for the PS3, and even Riddick Butcher bay WHICH WAS REMADE IN HD and was given as a bonus in the new Riddick game. These guys don't even know their games, yet they still bother to write about them.

DEADEND2403d ago

I'm proud to say I own and played all those games on that list. Sony has always delivered great games to us.

ian722402d ago

Same here, I own all those games on that list. The PS3 has some fantastic games.
I have over 100 blu-ray games now, its a nice little collection with more to add to it this year.

Summons752403d ago

Demon souls, Valkyrie Chronicles, White Knight Chronicles should be on the list

Dasteru2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

As much as i also enjoyed White knight, It bombed horribly on both pro and consumer reviews and sold miserably. White knight 2 was actually discontinued only a couple months after hitting north american retail because it sold so badly.

Most "gamers" these days are far too critical of RPG's and refuse to just accept and enjoy a game for what it is.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2402d ago

*Looks at consumer reviews on for White knight 2, seeings 10.0* Yeah...consumers really hated it...

Chapulin2403d ago

Killzone, Demons Souls and Resistance for me.