If You Hate the Mass Effect 3 Ending, Chances are You were Indoctrinated [Theory]

By now I’m sure you're all aware of the Mass Effect 3 ending debacle. With the game being many people's choice for their most anticipated release of this year, and its perfect score, all the negativity surrounding the game may seem slightly unwarranted...

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Mythicninja2401d ago

I think the evidence for this is pretty solid and hard to ignore. This explains all the violations of the mass effect canon, and the frankly non-sense explanations for the existence of the reapers. I find it hard to believe bioware would or could screw up the ending that bad. That being said, if this idea somehow proves to be false, they screwed up royally. Hard to ignore how space casper is the same kid in the beginning of the game that no one sees. Bottom line: the ending was either the most brilliant ending I have ever seen, or the biggest disaster I have seen. I hope it turns out to be the former, and if so, I hope bioware can prove this was the plan all along, not something they took from fans to put out the fires

aliengmr2401d ago

Im not opposed to the theory, but it is in fact false. Final hours app, has evidence the ending was intended. I really think this had to do with deadline issues. The ending had changed after a previous leak, and rumor has it the one we got wasn't finalized as late as last November.

CashColeTrain13372401d ago

Actually, It just made it supported it more. No where in Final Hours does it say anything about the "Actual" ending. There was most likely a bit to tie in the final bit of the game, but that app confirmed that the "kid" was supposed to be a bigger part of the game from the beginning. One last thing is the kid's model is named Harbinger in the files.

VanillaBear2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

I think the theory is the only thing which can save the ending. It's so good that I feel Bioware were going in that direction anyway but because they couldn't finish the new ending they stopped it at the decision making so they could get the games out to retail while the continue working on the rest of the ending.

There not just small things in the game where you probably could dismiss them as small plotholes, overlooked possibilties or even's all been built up way too much to be shrugged off as any of those. It pains me to see that people dismiss this theory when theres so much evidence to support it, it's not like fans have complied a load of made up, exaggerated BS, the stuff is really there and everything makes more sense when you link the indoctrinated theory to the ending.

Anyway if this theory is true then the people who wouldn't want the ending changed (god knows why) wouldn't have to worry anymore since instead of changing the ending all their doing would be adding onto it, which, as I've said they've probably been doing since the start thus putting the "To be continued through DLC" message at the end of the game and showing Shepard alive in just one of the endings.

To me this theory is what makes me laugh at the people who are defending the crap out of the ending and call the people with common sense "idiots", "crybabies", "moaners" and making it look like a bad thing Bioware listed to us and are changing the ending

Pherhaps though and this is a bit of a stretch, if Bioware were that smart, that turning fans against each other was their plan from the start to continue the unfinished ending they couldn't get done on time so they have a good excuse to charge people for the real ending......making it look like it's the fans who have complained fault and that Bioware were only listening to fan feedback even though this was there plan from the start. As I said bit of a stretch and totaly wrong...but it's a genius plan. Every issue has another side of people to defend it

Rupee2401d ago

The more I read about this, the more I start to believe it. Kinda depressing though... I chose the control choice. If this is true I allowed myself to be indoctrinated, something I thought I could never allow to happen... Brilliant if true.

FrightfulActions2401d ago

Just a thought. Control is essentially the same thing reapers do. Indoctrination. The control choice is very akin to what the reapers are already trying to do to all organic life. So the kid makes it sound like a good idea. It's even the action the Illusive Man wanted to take, someone who was clearly indoctrinated.

The synthesis ending is another one the kid puts favor on. The combining of organic and synthetic life. If you remember correctly, that is basically the whole plot of Mass Effect 2. Collectors harvesting humans to pump their genetic goop into a giant human-reaper construct that is both a machine and a organic. The reapers believe in both indoctrination and "saving" organic life by turning it into robotic abominations. The kid is in favor of both of these choices, the only choice he makes sound like a bad idea is the choice that effectively kills the reapers. Self preservation isn't strictly a organic trait apparently.

The list of plotholes in the endings could go on forever, but the biggest one to me is probably the Mass Relays. Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC had you destroy one of them. Destroyed that entire system. Every choice you make will result in every relay being destroyed. Nevermind Reapers harvesting organic life, be more scared of the madman destroying the entire galaxy. Isn't there suppose to be a relay right behind Pluto? I take it then, Earth was completely destroyed.

While I'm ranting, anyone else upset we never actually found out why Haestrom's sun was dying? It was mentioned a few times in Mass Effect 2, something about dark matter, yadda yadda yadda science talk. I kind figured that'd somehow come into play in ME3, like they were setting it up for something to come in effect later on the adventure.

Also, weren't we promised to have the mystery of the Keepers answered in ME3? Maybe I missed it by being so WTF'd by the ending, but I never really saw any significant reference to them at all. They don't even really make an appearance (other than the single one at the docks) until the end. Even then they're just kinda there, doing stuff. Not significant or important, completely overlooked.

Mythicninja2401d ago

I did notice we never found out about the dying star, or where the keepers came from. Mass 2 made it sound like the dying star cause would be something big