When Will 'Skyrim' DLC Come Out? 5 Things Players Should Do While They Wait

ibTimes: For players that have powered through the free-roam RPG's primary missions and side objectives, the expansions may not come soon enough. Here are a few fun little tricks to keep gamers busy in the meantime.

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2493d ago
GraveLord2493d ago

This is sad how you people are "waiting" for DLC.
How about shipping a finished product? or better instead of working on DLC for existing games, make a new IP.

Led-Zeppelin2493d ago

100+ hours of gameplay and its not a finished product?

If they were whoring out DLC they would have released it day one, or released it at a much earlier date and at quicker rates.

Bring on the DLC as long as it's good quality. Bethesda is taking their time making worthwhile DLC that ADD ON to the already finished product. NOT just take away present content and charge for it as DLC (Bioware/Capcom)

GaMErFoLife882493d ago

i wanna know why there is no earth binding spell like throwing gaint rocks or shifting the ground to throw them in the air or something. ive always wounder why in every TEDS game. i mean you have fire water an sky (lighting) why not i say WHY!

Felinox2493d ago

What is intresting about this is how much more variety of spells there used to be. In arena the spellmaker was powerful to the point of being able to create and destroy walls in dungeons. Over time the sequals have continuously dumbed down and eventualy done away with the in game spellmaker altogether.
Ultimately it was the right choice on bethesdas part as it allowed ways to "cheat the system" via 100% chameleon in oblivion or just flying to top of volcano in Morrowind.

modesign2493d ago

heres my suggestions list.

1. play a non buggy game.
2. play a non buggy game.
3. play a non buggy game.
4. play a non buggy game.
5. play a non buggy game.

GaMErFoLife882493d ago

i wanna know why there isnt earth binding spells like throwing giant rocks or shifting the ground to throw enemys in the air or in case their feet in stone so you blast the shit out of them with fir ice or lighting. i mean you have fir,water,sky ie(lighting) i mean why not! ive always wounder that in TEDS games?

Somebody2493d ago

Like in the cartoon show, Avatar The Last Air Bender where everyone is using earth, wind, water and fire elements according to their faction?

Maybe some Skyrim modders are working on it secretly. Hopefully.

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