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GameFan says:"All in all, the game’s a must-buy for Naruto fans. The sound is excellent — conveying a proper sense of weight to all of your attacks, with the music tracks ratcheting up the tension at critical moments — all of the characters are voiced by their corresponding actors (both in English and Japanese) and the visuals are well past up to snuff, maintaining a smooth as silk 60 frames per second. Regardless of how much craziness is going on the screen, with the simple and intuitive controls your mastery of the Ninja Arts will be ensured in no time."

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andresegers3035d ago

Better than the cartoon. Yeah I said it

crxss3035d ago

anime's garbage, manga's amazing. This game is really good though, vast improvement over storm 2. Some characters are over powered but overall great game

RedDead3035d ago

...the Anime ****s on the manga sometimes. The manga is ****ing on itself lately though. I did not like UNS1 or 2. They were cheap and lacked depth, this new subs system adds more dept I think. Also the free roam in both 1 and 2 was dreadful and boring. Thank god it is gone.

Baka-akaB3035d ago

i dont agree , the manga was always better than the anime . It's not even well animated for most eps and only blow its budget on a few key fights , and let's not even get started on the pacing and fillers .

Otherwise i agree UNS 1 and 2 were gorgeous but painfully dry and simple .

Even with this new excellent game , i still miss the days of the Narutimate hero series on ps2 , wich remained a fun anime brawler , but with more depth and combos . The UNS transition from 2.5d to 3d let's us with a game that usually only get one ougi jutsu per character

newsguy3035d ago

wow that's a high score!