Massive 9/11 Hypocrisy - Video Game Blamed

Once again the mainstream media is using video games as pariahs of bad taste while simultaneously displaying the kind of gross ignorance and ratings chasing that you couldn't write as satire.

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MK_Red4032d ago

Someday the media will probably say Cain killed Abel because of video game influence from GTA and Mortal Kombat.

InMyOpinion4032d ago

Some people who believe in stuff like Cain and Abel would probably want to see you dead for playing games like GTA and Mortal Kombat.


Ashta4032d ago

I'm a Christian and I believe in "those stories like Cain and Abel" but I also play GTA and I could totally rule the arcade back during the Mortal Kombat days.

So, thanks for trying to paint people who value religious practices as a bunch of whining, fun-hating, zealotous pricks.

Ya jerk.

InMyOpinion4032d ago

I wouldn't say "fun-hating, zealoutus pricks".

Blind sheep without a will of their own is more fitting.

Since christianity is a religion with a history filled with hypocrisy and violence I can see why you enjoy games like GTA and Mortal Kombat.

Turn the other cheek? Love thy neighbor? Nah! Nuke 'em!

Ashta4032d ago

Ah, let me guess....your talking about the Crusades aren't you? Yeah, lots of bad people got all mixed in with the good during that one. Won't EVEN deny you that one, but lets not forget why they all began in the first place.

Murderous caliphate began rushing across the middle east, ruined about 5 grand civilizations, and then stole Jerusalem and the holy land away from its people before trying to invade europe.

Not talking about Christianity there.

I'll give you one fair warning! If you continue down this path of trying to defame or make fun of Christianity then I will most assuredly "school" you on how much you -REALLY- don't know. It's harsh but in a Christian kinda way ;P

MK_Red4031d ago

Wow, why do you think I was trying to insult religious people? I'm not really religious by I do believe in stuff like Abel and Cain.
I was merely trying to point out that the violence existed long before there were movies and video games.

InMyOpinion4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

*edited out*

Not the place for discussions about religion.

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IntelligentAj4032d ago

They forgot to mention that video games also cause violence towards women and gives people an impulse to commit murder**end sarcasm** Friggin idiots...

KidMakeshift4032d ago

Ann Coulter to the rescue!

Nuclearwinter4032d ago

I'm shocked that they didn't have Jack Thompson to interview for that awesome coverage of a 5 year old flash game. You can't have a crappy flash game get turned into an anti-GTA and video game rant without Jack.

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