When Will the Mobile Game Bubble Burst?

Will 2012 be the last great year of mobile gaming? It’s hard to ignore the history of other social gaming platforms when considering how long this high will last.

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badkolo2489d ago

it will last, the mobile unit form phones to tablets will keep getting more powerful allowing for more complex games, so expect it to continue

kneon2489d ago

It will continue, just not in it's current form. Only a few % of ios developers make over $100000 per year. It's mainly the big guys making money with the odd independent developer doing well. Most make peanuts and so will eventually have to move on unless they are just doing it for fun.

schlanz2487d ago

Well you also have to consider its still an emerging platform. US smartphone penetration is growing year over year and consider that last year more smartphones were sold than PCs. This year that number is expected to double. (That isn't to say smartphones can or should replace PCs, just gives a picture as to how large the market is becoming.)

The other half of the picture is the rate at which users are downloading and using apps, specifically games in this case. In 2011 the number of smartphone users playing games on their devices nearly doubled. As a result, global revenue in the game market is expected to be well over $4b this year, which is more than double what it was in 2010. It's a very attractive option for any sized game developer, given the size and growth of the market, ease of distribution, and flexible revenue systems.

ninjaman9992489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

It wont burst per say and Badkolo has a point, it will only improve. Not to mention the recent anouncement of the Baulders Gate 1 and 2 HD editions for Ipad, we could be seeing some more adoption and growth with mobile and ipad/tablet games if they start catering to the hardcore...

Smashbro292489d ago

Soon. Please. Soon. This shit is awful. It's painful to think its taking even a small chunk of the dedicated handheld market.

koh2489d ago

Love when people can't allow different types of games for different people. I have no interest in MMOs, but it doesn't pain me to think of other people enjoying them. Get over yourself.

schlanz2487d ago

Speaking of MMOs, Order and Chaos is a great mobile MMO, pretty crazy how big the game is considering its "just" a mobile game. People around here really seem to have tunnel vision when it comes to games.

The more successful platforms we have for games the better, that's one of the reasons this is the best generation of gaming we've ever witnessed.

Rampaged Death2489d ago

Never. It's great for the industry as well.

Smashbro292489d ago

See, I thought it was bad for the industry as we know it.

Incipio2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

As long as there are diamonds in the rough, mobile gaming is here to stay. If it all turns to crap, then public interest will fade, and so will the revenue that would urge mobile game developers onward.