Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review - Lost in a Paradox? | Toal Revue

Lightning never strikes in the same place twice or so goes the old adage. Square-Enix returns to the Final Fantasy XIII universe in the most unlikely of sequels. Is there a shock on the cards?

It’s safe to say that Final Fantasy XIII wasn’t vintage Final Fantasy. Yes it boasted an evocative storyline of defying false gods, sumptuous graphics and an excellent soundtrack but it was linear to the point of insanity. Players were funnelled down the world’s prettiest corridor for over 20 hours and when they escaped the monotony they were presented with a battle system that was accessible at best and extremely dumbed down at worst. Square-Enix had managed, in one game, to completely remove the exploration, immersion and intricate battling that had made the Final Fantasy widely regarded as the gold-standard in the RPG genre.


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