Assassin's Creed: do gamers care about the historic details?

With the Assassin's Creed series bathing in historic details, do gamers actually care or are they just in it for the quick kill?

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Optical_Matrix2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

I do. A lot. Gives the game a lot more intellectual integrity. I like to think a lot of other gamers are like myself, and don't go to games simply for explosions and on rails machine gun sequences. The amount of stuff I've learned from Assassins Creed, history wise, is crazy. Beats me doing my usual activity of tralling through Wikipedia every night, reading about historical figures and events. That's just me though.

@Agreed. It's what makes the AC series quite unique in some aspects. It's kind of like an interactive history lesson. Kind of XD

lashes2ashes2400d ago

History is one of the reasons I love assasins creed. There is no such thing as to many details if it is done right.

lastdual2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

I agree, but I'd say most gamers care more about "historic flavor" than "historic details", at least as far as accuracy is concerned.

A unique historical setting helps set a game apart, and all the details that flesh out that setting are great, but games like AC obviously play it a little loose when it comes to historical characters and events.

Any history nut would find plenty fo faults with the game's historical depictions, but as long as the setting adds character to the game, it generally gets forgiven :)

PhantomT14122399d ago

At the same time, they admitted they sometime go against historical facts, like having a statue that didn't exist at that period because they still wanted to have it in the game. And it's still funny and interesting to have some inaccuracies in the game because it encourages you to look for the facts yourself and then realize "Oh I've seen that in the game!" or "They've invented that!".

spektical2400d ago

i think for a game like AC, history plays a huge part. I loved the Renaissance period as a point in history, very interesting and radical ideas were formulated during this time. So for me, history was a huge factor into the storyline of AC, It has to fit with what i know of history with the games narrative.

tdogchristy902400d ago

As a historian, yes! I've loved exploring history through the AC series.

Wintersun6162400d ago

I don't know how accurate the history in AC games is and for some reason I haven't found out, so I just take it as lore and background info for the game itself. I always read all the character & place descriptions so I know I'm interested in it.

bunt-custardly2400d ago

Same. I like playing in a world that I know is relevant to the past, and is something I hope the series continues to stick with.

Canary2400d ago

They're not terribly accurate. The narrative takes a lot of liberties and you shouldn't expect ANY accuracy in that department. The main draw (for people actually familiar with the history) is the actual world design--which very often IS historically accurate--to a degree.

Generally speaking, the historical elements of Assassin's Creed games are at about the same level as your average pulp historical-fiction novel. The nonfiction element is really just a thin veneer to add depth to an otherwise forgettable yarn.

Sanetoshi2400d ago

I don't think I've been able to take the history of the Assassin's Creed games seriously once I found out aliens and magic technology or whatever are involved. Reminds me too much of late night "history" specials starring crazy people.

RaidensRising2400d ago

I find the history quite interesting in general but barely pay any attention when playing. My focus lies purely with the mission. Everything else is just a distraction.

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