Japanese Devs Can't Stop Citing Call Of Duty In Interviews

If you haven't noticed, whenever a Japanese game maker is asked to explain changes to a major franchise, they almost always mention Call of Duty.

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Optical_Matrix2494d ago

Problem is that, it's less the game thats impressing's the sales it has. That's all they look to it for. And as such, games like Final Fantasy and Resident Evil have suffered, because Japanese developers assume thats what needs to be done to sell games in the west.

I've come to the conclusion however, that Call of Duty sells because its Call of Duty these days. It's less to do with the actual gameplay being anything special, because its not. It's more to do with the fact that a Call of Duty launch is an event. As such, it baffles me as to why so many developers are trying to replicate aspects of the series, when nowadays, not even Call of Duty relies on its gameplay to sell.

GraveLord2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Well it's the best-selling game every year and best-selling franchise this generation. You think people won't notice?
These days, Japanese devs especially will really look at what makes COD so successful and try and emulate parts of that.

Anyway I played Resident Evil 5, I played Final Fantasy XIII-2. Both Capcom and Square Enix mentioned Call of Duty as a sort of inspiration, I didn't see any in those games. They are nothing like Call of Duty at all. So don't take what these devs say so seriously...

Call of Duty does rely on its gameplay to sell......its why devs haven't really changed it too much since COD4.

Shivan2494d ago

So let me get this straight, 1 example equals over 50 thousand japanese developers?

What hes saying is he sees the money that COD makes and he wants that. Plain and simple

Alot of western game makers talk about mario, zelda, pokemon, ff, dq in the same way