Is Windows 8 the biggest threat to the future of PC Gaming?

Maxconsole: Stardock, best known for being the publishers of strategy games for PC like Galactic Civilizations, Sins of a Solar Empire and Elemental: War of Magic, shared some thoughts about Windows 8 and the future of PC gaming.

Their initial impressions of Windows 8 are worrying, as there are 'problems with the Metro interface, issues with program organization, and inconsistent mouse-over and element discovery'.

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nitrogav3024d ago

Is Windows 8 the biggest threat to the future of PC Gaming?
In one word NAH !! .

Saladfax3024d ago

Windows 7 will still be around for quite a while. I fear 8 is going to favor tablets and smartphone style devices, which will make it pretty unloved by most desktop users.

Although, MS does have a pretty hit/miss record with their various OSes. *cough* Vista?

Derpy3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

MS is the one that needs to watch out. If PC gamers don't like it, they'll just stay with older OSes which developers will be forced to support if they want their games to sell well. That's why currently most games still support XP. If Valve's numbers are to be believed, then somewhere around 40% to 45% of PC gamers still prefer Windows XP over 7.

I use and game on both Xp and 7, and from personal experience consider XP to be the more stable of the two, so I can see where gamers who don't want to leave it are coming from.

Hicken3023d ago

Sure, because some idiots out there will believe it is.

lzim3023d ago

An alternative position is that dx11.1 will succeed in Finally gaining exclusive, 3D, 64 bit native GPU computing games where 10 and 11 have failed to be innovative enough to entice devs to support the new platforms.

Yeah no probably not.

But I doubt Apple can convince the greater majority of die hard Windows gamers to give a crap about Airplay.