10 Gaming Franchises We'd Kill For on PS Vita

Crave Online - We at Crave love our PlayStation Vitas. It’s actually shocking how much we play them, whether it’s whil traveling or sitting on our couches at home. Between the gorgeous OLED screen, the comfortable dual analog sticks and everything in between, the PS Vita is a damn fine system with a ton of potential. And that potential has got us thinking: what other gaming franchises would we like to see on Sony’s latest portable?

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SandwichHammock2399d ago

for me,

-Chrono Break
-a Fallout game, for me, preferably a port of New Vegas
-a port of the new X-COM thats coming out (not the FPS)
-Diab...scratch that, we're getting Warrior's Lair :D
-some REALLY special exclusive like, I dunno, Heavenly Sword 2
-a new Tactics for PSV
-a new Metal Gear for PSV

I could go on.


Xof2398d ago

Don't the new handhelds have enough ports? If we get a handheld fallout game, I'd think a CRPG would suit the Vita better.

For me, personally, the big Vita title I'm waiting for is a Macross one. That gamesplay + that music = THAT game.

FinaLXiii2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

Portable Elder Scrolls and Deus Ex?

picking up loot and highlighted items on the floor by just touching the screen :)

CaptCalvin2399d ago

So far we still haven't gotten a good driving game yet.

Xof2398d ago

...I don't think those exist.