Three Resolutions for Success in '08: PlayStation 3

As promised Garnett Lee, one the editors at 1UP, makes another entry in his blog and this time talking about the PlayStation 3.

"First up, thanks to everyone for the terrific response to the Microsoft resolutions. It seems to naturally follow that today moves on to Sony's Playstation and who am I to argue with the order of things? One quick distinction I want to make before getting into them. These resolutions do not represent predictions. If anything, they probably stand outside the realm of what's going to happen. But, from my perspective, they're the bold sort of moves that would help them take a step forward from the pack. I fully admit that these come from a gamer's point of view, but I submit to you that the business side of things would also dramatically benefit from them because, after all, this is the gaming business. And now, Playstation".

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Meus Renaissance4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

1. Garnett is a fool. He doesn't know what Home is, I swear to god. I noticed it on that podcast a few weeks ago. He talks about perfecting PSN, by asking for features you get on Home, but says "dont even start Home until you perfect PSN". What kinda contradiction is that?

All the features that are needed to perfect PSN are on Home. So how can you want that and ask for Home to be ignored until you get..pretty much Home? But one thing I'd say that doesn't need the implementation of Home, is cross-game invites and the ability to send messages in-game. And the single Gamertag thing..I dont know. My ID is Starfleets, the same, for every game I play. I've never heard of people having to create ID's to play another game it just me or is Garnett talking BS again? But I agree in general, PSN needs to get more and that means Home needs to arrive.

2. Completely agree.

3. Sony arguably has more games lined up this year than Microsoft, and definitely more potential AAA's so I won't even bother to address that. It's probably their strongest points.

Overall it just sounds like he's nitpicking to be honest. The PlayStation 3 is in great condition for 2008, more so than any other platform so I'm not surprised that he had to nitpick to get some negatives out.

lynx1halo4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

youre doing perfect right now........just keep doing what your doing and actually LISTENING to your customers needs