Worst European Playstation Store Update Ever?


"It looks as though the European and Australian stores are going to be pretty empty this week. Their friends across the water had a New Years break, and perhaps this is their turn."

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Marceles4031d ago

Wow...I haven't seen a PSN update with only a trailer in a long time. It's starting to remind me of the beginning of last year. Hopefully the US update will be better.

Darkiewonder4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )


I predict Dark Mist Will grace us next week :3

techie4031d ago

Goodfella? Slanted? I think it's justified...they don't seem to blame them...they're having a break this week. So what.

Vip3r4031d ago

I guess its only fair seeing that the UK/EU store was updated last week and they're getting this week off but I'll be looking forward the the US update though.

monks4031d ago

we got 1 demo that you did not wow everything else us already had

and there is loads on the us store that we cant get ie stuff that needs to be brought

i dont care where demos are released as we can all get them really its just the payed stuff we should all get it at the same time

as i am UK our store could get it when the US does without any issues

sevanig4031d ago

F**k! Just Give Us High Velocity Bowling and Pain!!!!

lovedaddy4031d ago

Blast Factor Advanced Research
Everyday Shooter
Castlevania (ps1)
Puzzle Fighter


all of these have been available for MONTHS on the US store. Honestly, don't they want my money?

Keowrath4031d ago

Yup, been waiting for pain since it was announced back at E3. It's a real kicker to see the US get it AND the christmas content while we have to wait months. Maybe we'll get it in time for easter with a special easter themed content. Yeah right!

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The story is too old to be commented.