PS Vita Gear Pouch Pro (Hardware) Review *Brutal Gamer*

Waterfield makes a pretty broad range of cases, bags, and holders for pretty much everything. Now the company is venturing out into the cold, harsh, world of portable gaming.

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Myst2401d ago

I didn't even know there was another type of case for the Vita currently looking at this one --> . I was kind of shocked when the author mentioned the price heh definitely out of a range I'd hope to pay for a case. Yet it looks rather nice I will admit going by the picture used here and looks rather roomy on the one in the article.

Hmm but maybe I may change my mind I mean I did shell out some money for the Vita and want to make sure it stays safe; and I do like it's design...Dammit why did I click this link now I'm thinking about buying

sweepy2400d ago

I found this one a sony branded leather case different from the one selling in america, it looks very PRO.

rezzah2400d ago

While those cases may look nice, looking nice doesn't necessarily mean that the protection is the best.

Personally the best case is the 1st edition case.

What you want in a case is a hard outside, and soft inside.

Also, you do not want the case to be able to pop open from a fall.

You dont want the possibility of your Vita getting scratched overtime when kept inside the case. This includes the case itself, or other items possible falling out onto the screen.

You want a soft padding piece to cover the from and back of the Vita.