Review: Ninja Gaiden 3 (darkzero)

"Ninjas. Who doesn't love ninjas? They're sleek, streamlined, and sexy all wrapped into one package. Much like the fictitious ninja of old, Ninja Gaiden 3 is sleek, streamlined, and sexy, but falls just short of capturing all of these elements into one refined package."

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nrvalleytime2426d ago

Kind of disappointing, to be honest. Didn't think the series could go backwards.

Thirteenthorder2426d ago

Neither did I, was shocked to be frank.

SkolarVisari2426d ago

Should have pushed the game back, added the two weapons that are coming as DLC and make sure that the sword wasn't so overpowered that the other weapons would be rendered strategically pointless.

gamingdroid2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

The real solution was to NOT get rid of Itagaki. He made Ninja Gaiden what it became, instead they replaced him with a noob.

What does one expect?

Those minor tweaks ain't going to polish this turd as it's problem extends far beyond balance or lack of weapons.

I think the public has pretty much spoken... NG3 is inferior to the previous two games.

dark-hollow2426d ago

Yeah add more weapons....and more depth to the combat...and more variety of enemies.....and harder difficulty....and no regenerated health....and less qte....and more limbs dismemberment....and less slow cinematic executions....and more ninpo....

Frankfurt2426d ago

And made enemies 10 times more aggressive like in previous games - in NG2, an enemy with no arm would still be violently determined to kill you. Enemies with no legs would suicide-bomb themselves to kill you. In this game? Enemies with all their limbs intact crawl away begging for their lives like sissies.

Also, Itagaki left because the president of Tecmo was replaced with a baffoon that didn't want to pay the bonuses the company owed to Team Ninja AND he said Itagakli should leave if he was unhappy about it.

StifflerK2426d ago

I got the collectors edition yesterday.

I'm only about half way through the game - but yeah , pretty much everything that was great about the older NG feels missing.
If you're looking for more of the same you will be disappointed.

That said some of the new features are pretty good , as are some of the set-pieces . But it does feel like a completely different game.

On the whole, it's definitely not as good as the older NG games , but it's still a decent action game in it's own right.

That said, I think the DOA 5 beta is excellent - the changes they've made fit really well.