DICE may not announce BF3's patch release date today and all hell breaks loose

DSOGaming writes: "All hell has broken loose as DICE's Community Manager, Daniel Matros, revealed that the highly anticipated release date of BF3's upcoming patch may not get announced today. Fans have been waiting patiently for an announcement and got a bit angry with this unexpected turn of events. However, Matros has also revealed that this new patch will sport more features than the ones that were announced back in February."

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swishersweets200312400d ago

they should seriously start cleaning house, let some heads roll, and some good employee's find new jobs because their house is not in order.

SJPFTW2400d ago

maybe you just need to get a life?

Hagaf222400d ago

Its funny no one has made any mention of this...

if by aggressive they mean 1, mission accomplished.

DoomeDx2400d ago

Jesus dice.. Whats taking so long?

I used to love Dice, but after battlefield 3 im starting to hate them.

chak_2400d ago

It's always been this way.

DICE...What else.

dantesparda2400d ago

God damn! how long does it take to get out a patch? its taking them forever! how hard can it be?

KING852400d ago

I'm guessing it's not as easy as one may think. I'm sure it will arrive soon.

NeoTribe2400d ago ShowReplies(1)
sovietsoldier2400d ago

i hate big patches and this only affirms my position why. as we all known next week turned into next month so don't hold your breath on the patch anytime soon.

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