Why Changing A Game's Ending Is A Really Bad Idea [eGamer]

Should gamers have the final say on what a game's narrative should be? Have BioWare made a massive mistake?

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TBM2400d ago

Personally even though i was letdown and confused a little by the ending i DON'T think Bioware should change the ending form these bratty self entitled gamers who are complaining. its there vision of what they wanted to convey and we as gamers should respect that.

if you want say in what these developers do, get into the field so you can have a say in goes into the games.

SilentNegotiator2400d ago

Or they could be consumers and voice their issues with the products they purchase.

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oricon2400d ago

Even if they change the ending it wont be the "true" ending as it wasn't originally intended to be the true ending by the creators, it will be just a ending to please people.

SilentNegotiator2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Well, they SHOULD have made more varied endings to correspond with your actions, like they promised. Maybe more people would be happy if they had an EFFECT on the ending, other than a single color change.

But then their "trilogy" (something that would imply THREE) would be difficult to sequel, wouldn't it?

And imagine developers making games to PLEASE their customers. What an outrageous concept. /s

wallis2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Firstly they didn't intend crap because they've quite clearly communicated that they were changing the end until the last minute out of indecision. Secondly there is no "true" ending for mass effect.

Why is this so hard to understand? Are people actually retarded?

Mass effect is NOT a consumable narrative. It is not like bioshock, it is not like CoD, it is not like Avatar which you go watch in a cinema. It is not a narrative you consume and just take from the developer it is a narrative you converse with. The whole point of mass effect was taking the next step forward into the inevitable conclusion of video games which are artistic experiences YOU are a direct and necessary part of. You are having a conversation with the narrative in a personal and customizable way unlike anything else in the history of narratives and hence there is no "true" ending for the game because it isn't meant to have a "true" ending.

This was literally unlike anything else to EVER exist. There shouldn't be a "true" ending just the ending you deserve for the actions you took in the game.

If Bioware don't want to have to consider the audience then they shouldn't be making games that require the audience's input at such an incredibly serious level. This article is nothing but the thousandth in a long string of stupidity spewing from the mouths of game's journalists who fail to recognize the potential glory of the media because they clearly had their brains replaced with KY jelly at an early age. This article, and I'm so angry I'm going to hate the author as well, are truly contemptable for jumping on the bandwagon in such an unoriginal and pointless way. This article brings nothing new and the author would have better spent his time sewing his foreskin shut because even that would have benefitted humanity more than this. What is essentially the billionth thing in a line of things no body wants. Bioware don't want to be called weak, gamers don't want to be called assholes, and journalists shouldn't exist if the only people who agree with them are OTHER journalists.

Bioware have shown great compassion for their fans by doing this - don't take it away from them by being a retard.

VanillaBear2400d ago

It won't be a true ending...<sigh>

What does it say at the end of the game, the box that pops up after the mentions that the game will continue through DLC

Then you have the ending where Shepard is breathing, only appearing in ONE of the choices, giving off the impression that he's alive. It adds to the whole indoctrination theory, especialy when his surroundings isn't of Citadel wreckage but off building ruble, so it's obvious this is him waking up after he's been hit by the laser, MEANING, that not even the end was the true ending. It's basicaly half finished

Bioware hated how the ending was leaked in November, changed it but never got round to finishing it. The DLC was going to "change the ending" anyway....well sorry I mean add onto the apparent "ending" we already have. The only difference is that Bioware didn't expect a massive up roar, the didn't actually expect fans to call them out over it, they thought we would just go along thinking that they are a well respected developer who can't do no wrong....but they were wrong.

"it wasn't originally intended to be the true ending by the creators,"

Besides...the true ending Bioware wanted to go with was totaly differen't, it involved using the Dark Matter plot points. So really there really isn't a true ending....yet.

palaeomerus2399d ago

" Even if they change the ending it wont be the "true" ending as it wasn't originally intended to be the true ending by the creators, it will be just a ending to please people. "

Given that one writer quickly and sloppily pulled the "true" ending out of his ass during the last days of production over the objections of the other writers, and given that it's not very good, and it doesn't match the story it attaches to, who really cares? A true ending can still be regrettable shit that damages a brand or a company's reputation. "True" as used here is not any kind of a virtue.It indicates an initial failure. Failures are best corrected.

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NeoTribe2400d ago

Don't get how people are surprised by any of this. They slopped dragon age 2 togethor and it was trash. They dumbed down me2 into trash. But heaven forbid the last 10 minutes of me3 was trash. This is the reason I don't buy there games anymore.

MasterD9192399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

It may be a favor to the fans but I'm sure the ending is also being reworked to get the game back on its feet from this disastrous publicity it is getting.

I wonder if any of this has affected ME4's development plans, if they even go for ME4 after this. I feel bad for Bioware, however, they are going through with this by THEIR choice so its a 50/50. Ungrateful fans can't appreciate that they are willing to change the story for them and they don't understand that they shouldn't have left a cliff-hanger as an ending of a trilogy. I had hoped that ME3 would go directly into ME4...It was too soon to wrap things up at a galactic level. It is just too massive of a story for a cut and dry ending.