Slant Six: 'we know' Operation Raccoon City has flaws

Destructoid: Remember the good old days when you'd open a game, smell that new case smell, pop it in, and it would mostly be finished? Slant Six doesn't. Instead of testing the game before release, or having us test it for free, Slant Six opted to charge you $60 for the opportunity to fix it for them, as they have openly discussed the state of the game post-mortem: "we know the flaws in the game, and we'd like to fix them".

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Myst2426d ago

Yeah I was hoping for a beta or some form of demo before the game released. Glad Family Video had some copies up for rental; though I'm starting to wonder if enough people and more complain does that amount to some free dlc? Or faster bug fixing? Kind of makes me wonder which would be the better option in this case scenario as to which may be given first.

Given the current trend of games in this status getting either one of the other before the other just curious as to which will happen first.

StanSmith2426d ago

That's the issue with gaming today. We shouldn't have to tell developers about bugs in their games. If we can find them within a week of release, then who are their testers? Or, should i say where are their testers?

If Slant Six knew ORC had flaws, then it should have been delayed to fix them. I am not sympathetic to them whatsoever. They didn't care about taking people's hard earned money, so why do they want us to play a violin for them?

Screw them and every other dev that pulls this crap.

Laxman2426d ago

There is a vast difference between the small QA teams developers have access to and hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of gamers playing thier games in the first week. The QA testers would find far more bugs than gamer out there, but the few gamers that do find the bugs and glitches only do so because they are the unlucky very small percentage out of the many, many gamers playing the game. If a QA team was 1 million people strong, then you wouldnt get any bugs. But they're not. So you do.

StanSmith2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

I disagree Laxman. This has nothing to do with how many testers there are vs how many gamers there are.

If i find a bug within 5 mins of playing a game and others come across it too, then it wasn't tested properly. If i experience a bug that someone else doesn't, then that can be classed as being missed by testers. It is the latter example that can be forgiven.

There is no excuse for them kind of bugs.

Myst2426d ago

See the thing is though sometimes the developers don't have a choice to hold it back. If the publisher is so gung-ho on pushing out the game you are constrained with a time table. Mistakes can be made, now what makes a good developer is how well they will pay attention to the consumer feedback and fix things. Not just from bugs and such but also taking into account what people may want to see like DLC ideas.

Again not completely justifying their action on pushing the game out so much as I'm saying that sometimes it's all out of their hands until later.

Rainstorm812426d ago

"Instead of testing the game before release, or having us test it for free, Slant Six opted to charge you $60 for the opportunity to fix it for them"

What did people expect? The Exact SAME thing happened with SOCOM: Confrontation

VanillaBear2426d ago

SlantSix need to get a reality check and realise that they are a bad deveoper, even if you fix the bugs it's still a terriable game, the bugs/glitches are just one of the many reasons why Operation Raccoon City reviews were bad, it's just a crap cash in game overall

NYC_Gamer2426d ago

SlantSix=terrible developers who shouldn't be allowed to touch well known/loved franchises

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