Namco Bandai Building Momentum for Dark Souls Announcement

The Dark Souls Facebook page has been teasing an upcoming announcement for ‘fans of the game’ since Tuesday.

The page features a promotional app in the form of a brick wall that fans can break down by ‘liking’ in order to see what lies behind.

Over 7,000 users have done so thus far, while thousands more new users have liked the page itself – suggesting that publisher Namco’s instructions were a touch unclear for the Facebook community.

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CrazyInsane2398d ago

Why console gamers are against a PC release ? It will help the company alot ... rather than hurting it.

KeiserSosay47882398d ago

Agreed, release the game with Steam support/workshop for 40 bucks and the game will sell like CRAZY.

CrazyInsane2398d ago

True and the perfect example is Skyrim .

grahf2396d ago

I apologize, I really have nothing against the PC gamers hoping this gets ported to their platform of choice, however I really hope this announcement is for an expansion or DLC.

I would be VERY happy if said DLC/Expansion is announced WITH a PC version. That way we console gamers get additional content, and PC gamers get the whole experience.

But promise me one thing...
No nude hollow mods...

helghast1022398d ago

It would be better if it were the rumoured additional content.
Nothing against PC gamers who want the game, but more content >>>>> a port

KeiserSosay47882398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

I agree that additional content is good. However, more fans paying 40 bucks a piece plus DLC later>>>>>than more content for the same number of players. Money talks bro.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2398d ago

AS much as I want more content, they did announce prior to the game's release that they 'finished' the game, i.e. were never planning on additional content. It'll probably be a port to PC.

grahf2396d ago

The game was a complete package. It was amazing.
Adding anything additional now wouldn't be a departure from their statement at release, but... get this... A RESPONSE TO FAN FEEDBACK

*glares at ME3*

I am very happy with my decision to pay full price for Dark Souls. It doesn't NEED an expansion to wrap things up. However, any additional content that From Software comes up with I will support fully, especially with the future of the Souls series in question.

Tallpaul772398d ago

PC/Console... No need to catagorise, we're all gamers and any further development of the souls franchise is a good thing!

A PC version with added content and DLC of that content for consoles - that would make everyone happy :)

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