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Nintendo Drought Turns To Nintendo Flood - Where The Rising Tide Of January Wii Titles Came From

Does anyone remember the Nintendo drought? Those not-so-glorious times when Nintendo 64 and GameCube owners waited month after month for something - anything - new to be released for their system?

Well, may MTV Multiplayer introduce you to the Nintendo flood? There are a slew of Wii titles coming out this week. And nothing else for other systems.

How does that happen? Where did these Wii games come from? On the Wednesday before Christmas MTV Multiplayer spoke to a man who had the answers.

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wiizy4603d ago

low development cost and the wii being number 1.. 2008 wii owners will see alot more games then the other consoles for sure

Darkiewonder4603d ago

I think I would rather would just lay and wait for a flood to take me away.

Zhuk4603d ago

We are beginning to go into a gaming dark age with the Wii

joemomma4603d ago

You are so right my good half clone.

INehalemEXI4603d ago

To many unworthy games. Hopefully the good games like No More Heroes, SSBB, and Rygar still get the good attention they deserve.

Prismo_Fillusion4603d ago

Everyone has to admit that it's pretty funny/ironic that after all the complaining about the Gamecube not having enough games, there are far too many (crappy) games for the Wii.

That being said, I think that by the end of '08 the Wii will have a better pace of good games than the Gamecube had. There's just a lot more $hit to sort through.