Ding! Episode 011

GodisaGeek: "It’s Friday morning and that can only mean one thing, well, it probably means a couple of things, but the most important thing is that there’s a new episode of your favourite MMO podcast available.

Are you ready to Ding?

On the eleventh episode of Ding! we join Calvin, Martin, and friend of the family, and series regular, Trey Douglas (of fame) as they talk about as much information coming out of the MMO world as they possibly can, hopefully within an hour.

This week our heroes talked about some of the information coming out of the World of Warcraft regarding the upcoming expansion Mists of Panderia as the press embargo was lifted on Monday. A boatload of information followed. They talked about the usual MMO news coming out of Star Wars: The Old Republic as well as some interesting news regarding the upcoming Kindoms of Amalur MMO, then they got onto the main event, an interview with one of the producers of Star Trek Online, Steve Ricossa, Jr (perhaps better known as Salami_Inferno)."

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Persistantthug2426d ago

Havent you guys been around long enough to know a podcaster is supposed to have an MP3 link so that potential listeners can download to pretty much any device and listen @ their own leisure?

That's a noobie mistake I'd expect out of a rookie......but not guys I've seen around for a while.

GodisaGeek2425d ago

You can actually download the MP3 via Feedburner, which is linked to (along with iTunes, obviously) in every podcast article that appears on

We offer our podcasts up via Feedburner so non-Apple users can subscribe, but you can download the mp3 every week via there manually too, if you wish.