Slant Six Games: We Want To Fix Resident Evil ORC

With all the negative reviews and the feedback from gamers, Slant Six Games wants to step up and fix the “bugs” in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

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It's good to hear that they care enough about the game to fix whatever they think they need to fix. I'm actually having a really good time with it right now.

HoneyBadger3023d ago

Yea I like the multiplayer a lot only issue I have run into is lag sometimes

Tdmd3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

In another article around here somewhere this week, they've said they had no idea why the game was receiving such poor reviews... so how can they fix it when they don't even know what is wrong with it? If anything, they're contradicting themselves: in one moment they don't know what was wrong with it, and in the next, they do know and will fix it...

vallencer3023d ago

I believe what they're going to do is listen to the people that own the game and then read the reviews and fix those problems. Or what they ment by the previous statement they said is that they think the games fun and don't understand why its receiving such poor reviews. Either way they're willing to fix it and that's all I need to hear.

Xbigygames3023d ago

I think the game needs more than a few fixes. The whole thing doesn't feel like a Resi game to me.

ThatEnglishDude3023d ago

The games haven't felt like Resi titles to me since RE4.

Xbigygames3023d ago

RE4 at least had an atmosphere and kept some of the creepyness of the first two. Also the game kicked ass. It was the game where action was put before horror.

BI0RAPTOR3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Thats because its not meant to be a Resi game.
Long gone are the times of the old skool Resi days.
Which is sad I know,for sales its all about action and FPS now.
Although while ever people keep going into this game thinking they are going to be playing a Resi game there out put is going to be negative purely on the facts because its not meant to be.
The only Resi related thing in the game is the story's time line.

HoneyBadger3023d ago

This has the Resident Evil brand on the game, Capcom should step up and make the game have its full potential. I would think especially with Resident Evil 6 is on the way that Capcom would not want to get a bad name for the series.

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