The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire Review (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Step inside a movie theater this weekend, and you'll probably get trampled to death by hundreds of jacked up kids desperately trying to see The Hunger Games, Hollywood's adaptation of Suzanne Collins' young adult novel. You can brave the zombie like crowds, or relax at home playing the free iPhone and iPad release, The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire. We suggest doing the latter.

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Smashbro293027d ago

Or! Play a real game! Or if you really must do something Hunger Games related: READ THE BOOK. It's probably much better.

h311rais3r3027d ago

I am getting so sick of the hunger games. If I see 1 more ad I am going to shoot someone. The books were good but give me a break. It's being hyped more than cod!

bacrec13027d ago

Hey its better than Twilight lol!

Hicken3027d ago

The movie is actually pretty good. I dunno anything about the books, but I wasn't prepared for the intensity of the movie. I'd recommend it.