Nintendo Needs to Evolve Mario Kart

Hours upon hours upon hours; this is how I can describe my playtime with Nintendo’s long running Mario Kart series. Ever since they have released this stand out series, I have been hooked. Perfect gameplay, a ton of lovable Mario characters and outstanding track design has made this franchise one of Nintendo’s marquee titles and will continue to do so forever. To date, the Mario Kart franchise has sold nearly 90 million units worldwide across all titles and platforms and shows no signs of slowing down. Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart Wii continue to dominate sales charts and has been enjoyed the world over by millions of players everywhere.

However, after watching the newly released trailer for Sony’s upcoming LittleBigPlanet Karting and playing ModNationRacers, I believe it is high time to revamp Nintendo’s historic franchise and evolve it faster than a weak Pokemon.

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Shivan3023d ago

the article needs to evolve

Pushagree3022d ago

Nintendo needs to evolve.

DNAbro3022d ago

that's why they have pokemon, duh

Titanz3023d ago

They just can't seem to appease the masses(/s).

Jirachi3023d ago

I do agree with user generated content(i didn't really read the article i just skimmed over it and sa them mention it) i feel like mario kart with user generated content would make a great game seris go to a really great game seris.

PopRocks3593022d ago

Nintendo adds new/different features in every game since 64. Double Dash!! had the first racing coop mode I had ever played, DS incorporated online play, Wii had bikes and 7 had the gliders and a revamp of the coin system from Super.

That's not to say that the franchise would not benefit from something along the lines of user generated content. It'd be a great way to compete with Modnation Racers. Some more item balance would be nice too.

TheDivine3022d ago

I dont think so. Its been how many years and how many copycats and mario kart is still the undisputed champ, none have even come close. I agree a track editor would be cool but hell theres 32 races and 7 battle modes in mk7, more than most other racers. They do need to add more unlockables and rewards though.

Lbp kart looks like it will be fun but its just not mario kart. Nothing is as tight, fun, and hectic as mk.

ThatArtGuy3022d ago

The original Crash Team Racing was better than Mario Kart 64 in my opinion.

--Onilink--3022d ago

mmm to me better in some aspects(loved the story mode for example, but still in overall tightness of the gameplay and pure fun in multiplayer, M64 was better, at least for me.

I agree though, the original Crash Team Racing is as close as any kart game has gotten to MK, shame they ruined the franchise later...

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The story is too old to be commented.