Survive the real zombie apocalypse, in an abandoned UK shopping mall

The Mall offers participants the chance to engage in video game-like missions against hordes of the undead, set in an abandoned UK shopping mall. Lee Fields, director of Zed events, talks about the gaming inspirations behind this zombie shopping experience.

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Sadie21002496d ago

This is on my bucket list now.

Caligula2496d ago

I'm afraid my inner commando would come out in a situation like this.

Sadie21002496d ago

I think that's what they want! That's the point. :)

roblef2496d ago

That sounds like tons of fun, but how do they keep the actors from getting beaten?

THR1LLHOUSE2496d ago

$100 (or pounds, I guess) says this is a government coverup to hide the fact that REAL zombies are loose in England. "Hey, let's wrangle them up in that abandoned mall and charge people to whack them with foam bats!"


deantak2496d ago

Dan, I think you need to go to the abandoned mall, if only to witness the end of the world.

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The story is too old to be commented.